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My philosophy is simple; people are the most important part of life and sharing food, drink and experiences is the best way to form beautiful relationships. Sometimes whisky, sometimes champagne – but always whisky first.

Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.
Haruki Murakami

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Next Week’s Tasting: A Whisky Worldview

When I first started drinking whisky, I found myself regularly surrounded by whisky snobs. Some were Scotch single malt purists, others were Irish...
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Women Who Whisky 2017

A brief update to let you know more about this year’s upcoming Women Who Whisky event in Auckland. We started this annual event last year and...
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I Once Went to Bruichladdich, on the Isle of Islay

There are some people and some places that have a certain magic to them. If you are lucky enough to encounter the magic people in the magic places,...
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Kelpie, Ardbeg Day 2017

It’s the annual Ardbeg Day celebration, where all fans of peaty bog monsters come out to get their hands on deliciously rare and unusual Islay treats from Ardbeg.

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Latest posts

Douglas Laing, Premium Barrel Talisker 6 year old.

The bottle alone is something to gaze at. Be warned, it doesn’t pour that well and takes a practiced hand. You’ll get plenty of practice though, because for a young whisky it exudes character beyond its years. Not surprisingly, because this is a Talisker and I believe whisky is indelibly marked by the people who make it and the place comes into being from.

5 Essential Ardbeg Cocktails

Delightful things happen when delicious ingredients are shaken, muddled, thrown, stirred and strained together. Scotch whisky is notoriously difficult to use in cocktails, however there are a few classics that not only stand up to Scotch whisky but cry out for the complexity, richness and smoke of a classic Islay single malt like Ardbeg.

The Long Road to Ardbeg, Isle of Islay.

The crisp white wall of the distillery buildings and the signature name etched along the foreshore stands firm and concrete. I wandered down to the foreshore and skipped stones into the sea, smelt the freshness of the ocean and thought to myself, some things find a way to survive so long as they are loved.

A Night In Paris (Butter).

Last night, I spent the evening in Paris Butter (the restaurant, not the condiment) and I remembered. Firstly, I remembered delicious meals at Vinnies, as I stepped over the familiar V in the entrance tile. And then I remembered Paris, with the winter light crisp in the air and the delight of the menu du jour awaiting me.

With Love, From Mea (Culpa)

We used to say if on a bad day you ended up at Mea Culpa and on a good day you started there, then everything was going to be okay.

The Mother of (Japanese) Whisky

The Taketsuru Pure Malt (a non-age statement version). And here’s to drinking to a legend and a woman behind the bottle who loved and persevered. Happy Mother’s Day, Rita. Thanks for the malt.

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I'm an epicurean and I write about what I taste, see, smell, touch and hear. Sometimes whisky, sometimes champagne and a fair smattering of opinion. Subscribe below to stay in touch to get everything new delivered to your inbox.

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