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My philosophy is simple; people are the most important part of life and sharing food, drink and experiences is the best way to form beautiful relationships. Sometimes whisky, sometimes champagne – but always whisky first.

Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.
Haruki Murakami

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Next Week’s Tasting: A Whisky Worldview

When I first started drinking whisky, I found myself regularly surrounded by whisky snobs. Some were Scotch single malt purists, others were Irish...
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Women Who Whisky 2017

A brief update to let you know more about this year’s upcoming Women Who Whisky event in Auckland. We started this annual event last year and...
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I Once Went to Bruichladdich, on the Isle of Islay

There are some people and some places that have a certain magic to them. If you are lucky enough to encounter the magic people in the magic places,...
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Kelpie, Ardbeg Day 2017

It’s the annual Ardbeg Day celebration, where all fans of peaty bog monsters come out to get their hands on deliciously rare and unusual Islay treats from Ardbeg.

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Latest posts

How To Become A Whisky Girl.

It was Curiosity that did it. The truth is while I was on the way to becoming a whisky girl, I was learning a lot about life and so here it is, the lessons so far. Apply them liberally to whisky, love and friends. You won’t regret it.

A Philosophy of Tasting & Treasure Hunting

The story of the day is simply a question: when you should drink whisky and when should you store it away? Which is in turn, closely followed by the question when should you invest in a bottle or just in a dram? And where do you find the very best treasures to be savoured or stored away? The answer to one of those questions is the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

FISH: Lunch With A View

Honest food, he says. “What is that, exactly?” I ask. Meanwhile, dessert is a difficult choice between chocolate tart and the exquisite cheese selection. I’m having lunch with Fraser Shenton, head chef at FISH at Hilton Auckland. Chef decides on the chocolate tart which is indulgent. Thankfully I’m good at indulgence.

The Ardbeg Story Continues: where to next?

As night fell, the smoke and mist rose up in a late autumn haze and we ducked under the cover of our own darkened den, a safe haven underground called the Jefferson.
The beauty of this vertical tasting is to explore the Ardbeg Day whisky as part of the Ardbeg story.

Exploring New Frontiers (Ballechin #6).

Half the pleasure is in seeking the treasure. It’s not that this whisky is the best whisky ever made. But in nosing the glass and enjoying the spirit, we are participating in the golden age of whisky experimentation and re-definition.

A Taste Of The Dark Cove (Ardbeg Day 2016)

Reminds me of an orange and almond cake I make. Caramelised vanilla sugar crust with the sharpness of citrus developing. Now I taste elements of Persian orange water. Slowly more baked apple emerges with cinnamon and nutmeg. Big, tobacco leaf and old leather starts to emerge out the back where the peat overtakes any leftover smoke. Now it’s starting to feel like a true Ardbeggian expression.