A Philosophy of Tasting & Treasure Hunting

The story of the day is simply a question: when you should drink whisky and when should you store it away? Which is in turn, closely followed by the question when should you invest in a bottle or just in a dram? And where do you find the very best treasures to be savoured or stored away? The answer to one of those questions is the Scotch Malt Whisky Society.

Cadenhead’s Springbank 15, sherry finished 

I was recently in Scotland and visited Kintyre, home to Campbeltown. Which is, in turn, home to Springbank. Few distilleries remain in Campbeltown, because there are comparatively few Lowland malt distilleries in production. New distilleries are being built, but mainly in the Highlands, Isles or Speyside/Fife. More on that later.  Perhaps it is the vast… Continue reading Cadenhead’s Springbank 15, sherry finished