Politics and Optimism: Why Annie Still Matters.

Little girls have still got a lot to teach the world. They’ve got their own special brand of magic, to be applied liberally. In the case of Little Orphan Annie, she’s been touching hearts and brightening the outlook since 1924. How can she still be relevant? Annie, the musical, is playing at The Civic in… Continue reading Politics and Optimism: Why Annie Still Matters.

Wickedly Wicked.

Magic and wonder and all of it wonderful – Wicked takes you on a journey to the heart of what it means to be human; green or not.

Mary Poppins: Practically Perfect, In Every Way

“….wherever possible, kids should have the opportunity to experience theatre like this – other-worldly surroundings, amazing production and a truly beautiful show while they are young enough to be enchanted with how it all happens, believing in the magic for just a little while…”