Women Who Whisky 2017

A brief update to let you know more about this year’s upcoming Women Who Whisky event in Auckland. We started this annual event last year and I was delighted to sell out the venue as we toured through six exceptional whiskies that all feature prominent women as part of their history, present or future. Since then, the Whisky Girl has grown and I’m so grateful for your ongoing support! I only wish there was more time for drinking and writing about whisky. This year, for the week of August 29th to September 2nd, The Jefferson will become The Jane for a week of special events and tastings.

Wednesday 30 August
A stunning lineup of whiskies from around the world

Irish | Scotch | Japanese | Bourbon | Rye | Islay

But we’re all about whisky, so let me fill you in on this year’s Women Who Whisky lineup. Open to anyone, this tasting will take you on a global tour of the whisky story from how Irish monks escaping the Nordic invaders first took their distilling methods to Scotland and how the Americans secured a great secondhand trade in bourbon barrels as the spirit traversed the globe. I’ve chosen some of my very favourite old and modern malts to demonstrate the remarkable ways the one spirit has been interpreted in so many places, some rich with tradition and others bursting with innovation.

At a $80pp including pre-drinks and nibbles, this event will be really special and I’m so glad to be returning home for it. I’ve got tales of whisky travels up and down the United States and plenty of stories to share!


The week also features a champagne tasting and a cocktail class so be sure to check it out and I’ll see you in Auckland!

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